Tips and Tricks of the Trade from Antioch, IL

  • Caulking: always use a paintable caulk. Wet your finger when smoothing a caulk line.
  • Adhesion: light sanding or liquid de-glossing is a must when painting over a finish glossier than being applied.
  • Washing: plaster or high gloss areas are usually the only areas which need washing prior to painting.
  • Power washing: hand cleaning is preferred. Power washing mostly removes loose dirt, not spider webs, heavy dirt, or mold.
  • Rolling: it pays to use more expensive 100% lamb's wool roller covers. They spray much less and clean up easier.
  • Paint choice: always use the top grade of your brand choice. We use Sherwin Williams most of the time.
  • Paint sheen: the shinier the paint, the more imperfections it will show. About half of paint problems cannot be washed off; they must be touched up. Higher sheen paints do not touch up well.
Wall painting - specialty service in Antioch, IL